May the Force be with you

Wow, can’t actually believe we are coming to the end of the month of 2022 already?!! So much exciting things happening here at HQ that it’s hard to find the time to catch my breath.

As a single working mum who likes to think she can do everything, solve everything and be everything to everyone, she can’t and that’s a tough lesson to learn when you are growing a business.

As women in business we tend to feel like we have do better and be better than our counterparts in order to be seen and acknowledged. But let’s be honest we need to practise what we preach and know that we are doing the best we can with the time we are given.

Working to improve mental wellbeing in children and young people is my passion but sometimes I forget to look after myself. We have created the most amazing and inspiring programmes for our sessions, using lots of great creative tools to help alleviate anxiety in children. These practises need to be used everyday as adult. Remember that old saying from our parents, “Do as I say, not what I do” well that statement is so out of date and irrelevant to our young people today.

Here at Freedom Foundation, we encourage young people to have a voice and to share it in the right way. So when your child asks you, “Mummy why are you always working” your answer should always be “so that I can spend more quality time with you” This is my drive and motivation.

Helping others is something I have always done, but sometimes at the detriment to my own wellbeing. So how do you balance that when you are an empath?

  1. “I may not always be there, but I am always here”– letting those around you know that your intentions to support are always there even you can’t always be there in person.
  2. “I need some time for myself”– understanding the importance of finding the time to relax and reflect.
  3. “Remember to breathe”– you can only do what you can do today (as I am frequently told by my amazing business partner Laura Grant) Breathing is a vital and essential to our self growth. It allows us to calm the mind and body so that we can face the next day.
  4. “Can you talk”– remembering that you are not alone and that whilst being a good listener to the people that you care about and the challenges they are facing, your feelings matter too.
  5. “Let’s dance”- turn up that speaker and blast that music out!! It’s good for the soul and allows you to become whole

The month of May is associated with flowers and trees which spring back to life, and grass that grows in all it’s glory. It brings to mind the idea of promise and hope, of new life. Freedom Foundation sews the seeds, waters the beauty of the children and young people we work with and watches them grow into the most amazing humans, full of confidence and self worth.

I am looking forward to watching our team grow from strength to strength as each month passes by. What are you hoping for this month and how will you grow?

Stacey Green