Freedom Factory Seniors

Freedom Factory is a programme that enables young people to explore their individuality and creativity, whilst offering support with emotional well being.

Learner stats we are proud of

said their screen time had increased during lockdown
0 %
of the students came into the session feeling anxious at the start of one of the sessions on that same day.......
0 %
of the students left feeling calm and inspired after the Freedom Factory session
0 %
of the students engaged well with the street dancing
0 %

What's it all about?

Delivered over 12 weeks in a weekly 90-minute session with up to 30 children.

  •  Our practitioners introduce children to street dance and hip-hop techniques, helping them to learn routines and construct songs and empowering them to perform along with understanding how to construct their own songs or raps.
  • We introduce topics, encouraging discussion and sharing, learning from others and inspiration for creative projects.  
  • Incorporate our wellbeing tools and techniques to help children develop positive coping strategies to manage their wellbeing
  • Safe social media education: we help children to understand that social media does not define them and enable children to value their self-worth and understand that you don’t have to be “Liked” to be liked.

See us in action here!

How can we help?

The Freedom Factory Programme meets government guidelines for achieving many of the outcomes in different subjects across the curriculum, including Music, P.S.H.E, R.S.E, Curriculum, English and P.E. For full details please contact us at: or call us on 0115 993 2370

We can offer this programme as part of your educational school day or as an after school activity.

What children achieve from our project

Aims and objectives of the programme

Increased skills in creative writing and dance

Increased awareness and recognition of the healthy use of social media

Skills to manage their emotional wellbeing

Improved confidence and motivation

Greater awareness of local and national support services

Raised aspirations

Programme Outcomes

Use the arrows to progress along the outcomes for this programme.

Where do I sign up ?

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