Empowering young people through the use of positive affirmations and encouraging positive language with a focused mindset, enabling them to be physically active and mentally reactive.

Learner stats we are proud of

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What's it all about?

All our HAF programmes are FREE and benefitting families will introduce children and young people to street dance and hip hop techniques, learning routines, having fun all whilst keeping fit and expressing themselves through movement. Our HAF programmes are funded by local authorities through the Holiday Activities and Food Programme.  

We will also empower young people through the use of positive affirmations encouraging positive language with a focused mindset.   

Our programmes are delivered is three different ways:-  

  • Our Release holiday clubs – Release is delivered over 4 days, 4 hours each day, it will enable you to explore who you are and how you want to be perceived.
  • Our SEND programme specifically delivered in SEND schools and provision.
  • Through our partnership with Nottingham Forest Community Trust across Nottingham City.
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Timetable of HAF clubs

w/c 2nd January 2023
Venue: Heanor Town Hall, Market Pl, Heanor DE75 7AA
Dates and times: 3/01/23 10am – 2pm, 4/01/23 10am – 2pm, 5/01/23 10am – 2pm, 6/01/23 10am – 2pm
Venue: Whaley Thorns Village Hall Portland Road, Langwith, Nottingham NG20 9EZ
Dates and times: 3/01/23 10am – 2pm, 4/01/23 9am – 1pm, 5/01/23 10am – 2pm, 6/01/23 10am – 2pm

Children and young people will also be given a performance opportunity where you will share your work at the end of each day or week showcasing what you have achieved. 

See us in action here!

How can we help?

All HAF programme’s are beneficial to families who may need childcare in the holidays or for those who may need other support  

For full details please contact us. Email us at info@freedomfoundationuk.org or call us on 0115 993 2370

We can offer the HAF programmes in various settings and adapt the sessions where needed to meet your needs.

What does it achieve?

Aims and objectives of the programme

To improve self confidence and motivate the minds of young individuals.

To encourage young people to reflect on their emotions and feel safe to express them.

To recognise signs of anxiety and give them the tools to help alleviate any worries or concerns they may have.

To introduce our 4M Coping Strategy (Motivational Music for Mood & Mindset) and Anxiety Movement Toolkit in the hope that they implement it into their daily routine.

To develop creative writing and nurture hidden talents.

To offer guidance and support to enhance mental well being.

Programme Outcomes

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Where do I sign up ?

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