Young Women Inspired Streetdance Exercise women to be physically active and mentally reactive in a safe space free from any judgment. 

What's it all about?

Enjoy the Programme music while you find out more!

“Y-WISE” – (Young Women Inspired Streetdance Exercise) is a 90 minute session that empowers the young women and girls to explore who they are, find pathways and increase aspiration and ambition. With our aim to increase confidence and build self esteem and self worth using streetdance as a creative platform for expression 

Young women and girls will have the opportunity to create a social action plan that is a youth led project that the young women feel strongly about that will benefit the wider community.  

Exploring positive life choices and negative influences both on and offline  

Understanding what it means to have a voice, and how to use it to drive change 

How can we help?

Email us at info@freedomfoundationuk.org or call us on 0115 993 2370

What does it achieve?

Aims and objectives of the programme:

To motive the minds of young women to enable them to feel empowered to actively seek change

To advise young women of the many opportunities available to them through further education and various career pathways.

To instil self-belief and worth, and provide an opportunity to vocalize feelings, emotions, frustrations, or lack of aspiration.

To understand what it means to feel safe and how YW and girls can protect themselves and understand their rights.

To create a youth led project through social learning and social action.

Where do I sign up ?

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