December Blog

Gosh, can you believe we’ve looked up and it’s December. It’s been another whirlwind of a year.

Since September I’ve been enjoying working with the new Freedom Foundation team members. After celebrating our fifth year, I feel that with the new team we’ve got we have done five years’ worth of work in four months! It’s amazing to see how things are coming together from the investment we have made in a wider team. It’s also enabling me to see things from a different perspective. Our coach talks to us about being ‘on’ the business, not ‘in’ it. Now I’m able to work a (little bit) more from a strategic perspective I’m also able to appreciate the joy of the partnerships we have made. I was privileged to enjoy a trip to the House of Commons in October to celebrate StreetGames’ work, as they produced a report on the importance of sport in communities – something Freedom Foundation is a big believer in.

Last week, Simon and I took a WHOLE day out to take our Peer Researchers to Liverpool (both of whom hadn’t been there before!) and see how important our work is in inspiring the next generation and giving them a platform.

These are the things that motivate me and remind me of why we set up Freedom Foundation – to create opportunities, and to reach young people and support their physical and mental wellbeing to enable them to influence their own future. So, as I take time to reflect and recuperate over the Christmas period, I will enjoy my gingerbread latte and think about how I can galvanise the energy to do it all again next year!

I am so grateful to those around me that have got me through the year, and I hope that we are all able to take some time for reflection.

I’m wishing you and yours a very merry holiday period, and I look forward to seeing you in 2023!