Ten Top Tips for Empowering Young People Through Music

  1. Use inspirational music to create a sense of calmness that makes children feel safe and secure- Young people are more likely to interact and participate in sessions if they don’t feel judged
  2. Find music that motivates the mind to improve their mindset- Music has the power to empower and will help children to reflect on their emotions, feeling safe to express them 
  3. Give examples of various artists who have embraced different sounds to create new music-  Many children only listen to current music and aren’t aware of alternative choices that they may be able to connect with emotionally 
  4. Always ensure that the children understand that music is a personal choice and down to individual interpretation- Exploring different genres of music gives young people the opportunity to broaden their musical tastes and spark creativity 
  5. Choose choreography that embraces the freedom of movement-this enables children to channel their energies through physical activity.  
  6.  Try changing light settings to create a different ambience for your sessions- Many children feel less exposed when the lighting is lowered or coloured
  7. Always encourage young people to explore their own choreography and find ways to express their feelings through creativity- Some children find it easier to share ideas through movement rather than vocalise their concerns or worries
  8. Try to avoid taking over-  Hold back, and watch those children go! Expression through movement is best when it’s free flowing
  9. ‘If in doubt, dance it out’- children are used to stomping their feet from an early age to release frustrations.  Why not continue that and stomp it out to the beat!
  10. Never underestimate how much music and dance can improve a child’s mental health- Releasing tensions and expressing creativity can unlock deep emotions that need to be shared 

Freedom Foundation is a social enterprise that supports children and young people and helps them to alleviate anxiety and depression as a result of social media. Using streetdance, singing and songwriting as a platform to get young people to express their emotions and share their feelings and help them deal with any challenges they may be facing.

With so many young people left feeling unsure about their future, doubting their abilities, misplaced views of body image and self worth, we have devised a number of programmes to ignite their creativity and enable children to be physically active and mentally reactive.

Our Motivational Mornings are currently delivered during tutor time via a series of short videos and Live sessions are available through our new digital hub online. This programme gives children the opportunity to embrace the power of music to motivate mood and mindset at the start of their educational day.

Since the acceleration of the BLM movement in the media, many young people have been exposed to the inequalities and lack of diversity within the dance industry. As a response to the current climate and the impact social media has had on mental health, the TIRED Movement has been born. Trying to Improve Racial Equality in the Dance industry is paramount and long overdue. The aim is to reach as many schools across the country, to provide informed workshops as part of a tour. To have open honest conversations about racial equality within the dance industry and how as leaders of the next generation we can improve our understanding of what it means to be an all inclusive school that respects ethnic diversity within dance settings.

The TIRED Movement is a movement for change. An opportunity to educate children and young people, parents and teachers about the changes that still need to be made.

Exploring the misrepresentation of black culture within dance, our workshop highlights the lack of diversity and equality that is still present today.   

To find out more about Freedom Foundation, check out our website www.freedomfoundationuk.org and don’t forget to come say on our instagram pages @movementtired  @freedomfoundation_uk


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