Personal Identity Exploration offers an in depth look into how young people view themselves today, who they are and who they could be. 

What's it all about?

This is a six week program that allows young people to question and discover their identity, and understand that definition of the self is who we are NOT what we are.   

Many children today are experiencing a lack of confidence within themselves as a result of social media, and are frequently exposed to  unrealistic ideals in relation to body image. The programme encourages children and young people to explore the way in which they perceive themselves, and addresses the impact of constant comparison to celebrity and status. 

Working together to openly discuss the parallels of popularity and individuality, this programme challenges the need to conform for acceptance. 

P.I.E provides an opportunity to embrace individual differences whilst understanding the importance of self worth. Celebrity and fashion influences alongside social media involvement, have impacted heavily on the emotional wellbeing of young people today. By investigating the need for constant validation measured by the amount of “Likes” a person receives, we aim to instill in children that they don’t need to be “Liked” to be liked. 

Children will also have the opportunity to explore gender equality and sexual orientation. Many young children are often confused when questioning their identity, and are vulnerable to outside influences. This programme allows children to feel confident enough to express their emotions in a safe environment, free from judgement and ridicule. 

We will promote the idea that we are all created equally and that our individual journey is something to be proud of. Freedom Foundation will deliver a programme that gives young people a voice and a chance to define themselves.

See us in action here!

How can we help?

Email us at info@freedomfoundationuk.org or call us on 0115 993 2370

We can offer this programme as part of your educational day at pre-school level (with adaptations) or as a class in your local area.

Where do I sign up ?

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