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(These sessions have kindly been funded by SSBC, to access them you must live in St Anns, Hyson Green, Arboretum, Bulwell or Aspley)


An interactive, educational programme that exposes parents to the pros and cons of children using social media.

Whatsup aims to bridge the gap between parent and child, using a fresh approach to understanding the fast moving pace of social media today. Informative but not formal, this programme offers an insight into the way parent and child view social media and how each perspective differs.


Setting boundaries for online activity and recognising the signs of anxiety as a result of too much screen time.  Our Whatsup programme offers support and advice to parents of all ages, raising awareness of the correlation between social media and mental health.


  • Understand ‘text talk’ and how it is used
  • Learn about the latest apps and the legalities surrounding it’s usage
  • Healthy usage equals healthy mindset
  • Dangers of posting images online
  • Safe Selfie

TARGET AUDIENCE-  Parents with children under 5’s, with particular focus on parents under 30yrs old including teenage parents single parents and dads

Here are some of the topics that Whatsup with SSBC will focus on….

  • Urban dictionary/”text talk’
  • Different apps that can assist with a child’s learning and offer support with emotional wellbeing
  • Ideas around setting boundaries for online play (how much is too much time online)
  • Leading by example (maybe look at images of parents on their phone while the child looks on) recognising signs of anxiety in young children
  • Increase of screen time during lock down and the impact on mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Dangers including grooming/self harm/bullying and depression

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