The age of the “SELFIE” and use of photographic filters has changed how we value ourselves

The emotional impact social media is having on our children today has lead to insecurities about body image, a yearning for acceptance and unrealistic expectations about goals and aspirations. Children and young people are flocking to social media sites to post and share photos and collect likes from their ‘friends’ and ‘followers’, thus making them feel better ‘online’, however many find this feeling does not necessarily transpire into everyday life.  There is a need in today’s society to educate all social media users in how to safely use social media platforms and the dangers they can pose.

The Freedom Foundation believe it’s now time to address these problems. We have designed a number of programs that not only provide a mentoring opportunity for young people, but support parents, carers and teachers to understand the many pressures children are faced with in today’s modern society.


... of boys and girls say they feel negative about themselves because they do not look like their friends


... of boys and girls say they have felt jealous, negative or insecure because of social media

Our Campaign

Among young people there is a lack of understanding of how pictures can be perceived online and a misconception around the importance of celebrity status and the effect it has young people. The desire to validate a person’s self worth through posting daily images of themselves online, has now become the norm in today’s society.

Thirty-two percent of girls admitted they were “obsessed” with getting likes on social media. Young people are aspiring to the many celebrities that they see on platforms such as Instagram, and are replicating these images without realising the ramifications of doing so.

The Safe Selfie Campaign will educate people about the dangers of posting selfies and images online, and provide an opportunity to raise awareness about the use of selfies and images on social media. It will be used as a platform to promote positive body image and self worth, and will change the thought processes behind selfies and images.


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Our Goals

  • To Educate – children and parents about the dangers of posting selfies and images online
  • To Address – the notion that being “liked” somehow measures your self worth



Take a minute before you share anything online



About the image you’re projecting



Look at the image and assess it’s appropriateness



Share your images in a safe way