Inspirational, empowering programmes designed to motivate children and young people at the beginning of their educational day.

Offering an opportunity for self expression and promotion, this programmes affirms a child’s individuality and inspires them to feel free in every way. Allowing young people to release emotional anxieties in a safe environment. These programmes can be implemented in various ways to suit a school’s individual needs and requirements.

“An affirmation a day keeps your anxieties at bay”


The assemblies will be accessible to all children between years 3-11 and offer a fresh approach to the traditional morning assembly.

The assemblies at the start of the day, facilitated by Freedom Foundation mentors can be delivered to a number of students in various ways to accommodate the needs of the individual school. With the use of powerful affirmations and music, we aim to promote the importance of a healthy state of mind in preparation for the rest of the day.

Sessions focus on helping students to embrace their individuality and self-worth. 

Children are introduced to thoughts on how social media can negatively impact their mental health, and how they can manage the challenges they encounter.

We also help students to master some simple techniques to overcome anxiety, using our own Motivational Movement Sequence which is our takeaway toolkit.  Designed and developed in conjunction with the University of Nottingham, our toolkit offers young people alternative coping mechanisms to alleviate anxiety, using breathing and movement exercises.

Students will also be introduced to our 4M Coping Strategy, (Motivational Music for Mood and Mindset), enabling them to understand the impact of music on emotional wellbeing.

Assembly led sessions are delivered at a cost of £300

“Optimism opens the mind, pessimism is a waste of you time”

Breakfast Club

The breakfast clubs are accessible to all children between years 7-11 and offer a fresh approach to the traditional breakfast club.  Our club is designed to motivate and empower children at the start of the day by creating an atmosphere of positivity and empowerment by embracing individuality and self worth. They will run for 1hr 15min before the start of the school day.

The clubs are facilitated by Freedom Foundation mentors and teachers, to all year groups to accommodate the needs of the individual school and it’s parents.

Children will have access to a safe space in which to explore their emotions through songwriting, creative thinking and motivational music.  Each child will have the opportunity to express their inner thoughts and anxieties either as a group or individual.

Using inspirational music to create a sense of calmness and security, our club provides children access to a safe space in which to explore their emotions through songwriting and creative thinking.

Learning how to structure a song, rap or poem will create another outlet for expression, and acquire a skill that they may or may not have explored before.  We encourage the use of instruments within the sessions, as an additional avenue of expression.

The children will be introduced to our 4M coping strategy, Motivational Music for Mood and Mindset.  By understanding the impact music can have on our mental state of mind, we will equip them with the tools to develop their creative thinking to influence their outlook on life. Although each session is teacher led, we encourage all children to actively contribute throughout the session and adapt the programme to run in accordance with the emotions and needs of the group.

We know that many children struggle with various anxieties and issues which affects their mental health and attitude towards learning, coping and achieving in school.  With the increasing number of children accessing Pupil Support Units during school hours, valuable education time is being reduced on a daily basis, which further impacts on their ability to meet deadlines.

By enabling children to evaluate their mindset in a positive  way, our breakfast club provides an opportunity for inspiration and reflection to help them cope with the pressure young people are facing today.

“Feeling free to face the day, feeling free in every way.”