An all inclusive schools programme that enables young people to explore their individuality and creativity, whilst offering support with emotional well being.

The emotional impact of social media has left many young people with little or no confidence, unrealistic about their aspirations and goals, insecure and unsure. Our programmes aim to improve self confidence and motivate the minds of young individuals.
These programmes can be implemented in a number ways, in accordance with your needs and requirements.



Delivered as 75 minutes after school programme during the school year for reception through to Yr 2. These sessions are an introduction to working within the creative industry, encouraging kindness and understanding whilst providing a sense of inclusion and belonging.

Using music and movement to inspire children to be active, our sessions are energetic and fun and provide a positive end to the school day. With the introduction to songwriting, children are given the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions through creative writing.

  • It’s ok to be different
  • It’s ok to be individual
  • It’s ok at Freedom Factory

“Freedom Factory is not just a place to learn, it is a safe space to share”


Delivered as a 90 minutes after school programme during the school year for Yrs 3-6. These sessions encourage children to start to explore individuality using the creative arts. Exploration of songwriting and how it can be used to express emotions, by constructing songs and raps within groups or as an individual. Learning basic street dance and commercial routines, to encourage exercise and activity for release and abandonment. With the introduction to social media, children are informed of the dangers of posting online and the importance safety and self worth.


The programme will be accessible to all children between years 7-11, providing a safe space for self exploration and individual creativity, whilst offering support with emotional well being. Designed to improve self confidence and motivate the minds of young people, Freedom Factory aims to deliver a series of modules that not only inspire but instil a positive attitude towards learning new skills.
Using the creative arts as a form of expression, young people will gain access to various genres within the arts whilst understanding the need for self acceptance and the importance of a healthy state of mind.

Each 1 hour module allows young people to access a variety of art forms, including dance, music, songwriting, video, social media and design. The programme will be delivered over a 6 week period and can be implemented in a number of ways to suit the needs and requirements of the individual school. Young people will have the opportunity to work within a group setting or as an individual, and share ideas and feelings free from judgement and ridicule. Although each session is structured, it is important the children are allowed the opportunity to contribute to how the sessions will run in accordance to the emotions or anxieties they may be experiencing.