Freedom Foundation use the creative arts to provide a series of
innovative and exciting programmes

Our programmes enhance the positive emotional well being of children and young people, offering a pathway to personal development. They are designed to enable schools to fulfill their needs and requirements to achieve the quality principles of the Arts Award to meet the criteria of the Artsmark accredited by Arts Council England

All Inclusive:

  • Offering performance opportunities
  • Encouraging self exploration and development
  • Exploring the creative use of music, dance, songwriting, design and media to allow young people to express their emotions and alleviate any anxieties as a result of social media and peer pressure

ArtsMark in Schools

We offer various terms of engagement which are outlined via link below, and we are able to deliver the Arts Award at Discovery Level within schools, however our programmes are suitable to meet any Artsmark school’s individual requirements.

We aim to reach as many children across the East Midlands to provide a safe space in which to offer access to the arts and nurture hidden talents.

All programmes are evaluated and assessed for impact by Dr Sarah Smith, Research Fellow and Joanna Stuart, Research Consultant at Nottingham Trent University

ArtsMark Partner