A place where children and young people come together to celebrate being different


Providing the FOUNDATION to ignite the REALISATION that EMPOWERING young people enhances EMOTIONAL WELL BEING. Find out more about Freedom Foundation, and what it can offer HERE


Our sessions are devised to to empower and inform children and young people through a series of various age appropriate modules and products.


There is a need in today’s society to educate all social media users in how to safely use social media platforms and the dangers they can pose.


Our programmes enhance the positive emotional well being of children and young people, offering a pathway to personal development.

Hello, and Welcome

…to the Freedom Foundation, we welcome children and young people to a place where they will be mentored and educated in understanding their value and that it’s OK to be different. Each individual has their own uniqueness that makes them special. Freedom Foundation encourages the value of learning to accept our differences and embrace them, never apologising for who you are.

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Social Media Affects Us All

The age of the “SELFIE” and use of photographic filters has changed how we value ourselves

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“What They Say…”

Just wanted to say that my child has come out for the second week really happy and bright and energised. He is a shy boy normally but he enjoys singing and dancing at home and putting on funny faces. He tries to learn the lyrics of songs he enjoys
Junior ParentGrange
My daughter says she’s got better at dancing, she’s enjoyed learning new songs and has had lots of fun using her imagination to be able to write poems and songs. It has been a very positive experience for her and I would happily enrol her again.
Junior ParentArnbrook
Thomas really enjoyed the time he spent attending. He loved putting on the end of term performance for schoolmates and parents which was something I doubt he’d have had the confidence to do beforehand.
Junior ParentGrange
My daughter loved going to Freedom Factory. She came home very inspired to do more dancing and listen to music.Going to Freedom Factory gave her so much more confidence. I just wish she could have attended more times a week!
Foundation ParentCarrington
I feel that it has been so great for my daughter to learn how to express herself through music, dance and songwriting. We are huge fans and I am a very happy mum. Thank you freedom factory keep up the fab work.
Junior ParentArnbrook
It’s a safe place for children to express themselves through music, dance and song writing whilst being educated in the ever growing problem of issues surrounding social media. Many children and parents have really valued the Factory
TeacherBrocklewood School
My son has social anxiety issues and learning difficulties.  We signed him up more in hope than expectation, and were overjoyed at the result.  He came out of every single session bursting with happiness, and was always eager when freedom factory day came around each week.
Hi, really enjoyed the performance, thank you for all your hard work and effort
Junior ParentGrange
She loves going and I can tell a difference in her confidence. She song writes at home and her singing has gone to another level. Thanks so much
Junior ParentEdwalton
I love how my daughter is song writing at home, and talks about how she feels she can get up to sing in front of people. This is a massive step up in her confidence levels. Thanks Freedom factory for working with her on this!
Junior ParentEdwalton